About The Play

A play about self worth for young women.

Suitable for female pupils in years 7-8

A thought-provoking tale of personal identity. Covering the issues of:

  • Identifying your own strengths and talents
  • Valuing your own strengths and talents
  • Recognising the talents and strengths of others
  • Being comfortable with yourself no matter how you look or what you are good at
  • Being willing to work hard to become good in areas and subjects that you find more difficult
  • Realising that you don’t have to aspire to the ideal of the “Footballers Wife”
  • Realising that for any team, group or community to work, all of the people involved have to be different, with their own special talents and abilities.

Many young women today find themselves compelled to become clones of the blond and beautiful ideal, thus eradicating any individualism. This play is has a very deep and strong message; “Be yourself, because you are special. You are unique”.

Video Preview


“I think it has helped our pupils understand that others share their worries and that it is good to be Unique.  The pupils will think about their talents and about what makes them Unique”

Mrs O’Driscoll Broughton Hall


Cost: £550

Price includes:

  • An hour long performance comprising of; An introduction to theatre in education, the play, a question and answer session with the characters and a brief evaluation
  • Six sessions of supporting education materials and lesson plans relevant to the specific topic
  • A bound report containing the statistical analysis gathered from our evaluation. This can be presented to OFSTED as evidence of a measurable outcome.

Please note all prices are subject to an additional 40p per mile travel expenses charge (excluding the first and last forty miles).

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