Five Hundred & First

About The Play

An anti-extremism play that seeks to help pupils understand how and why we, in the UK, have we have found ourselves in the situation where more than five hundred of our citizens have left our country to fight on the side of terrorist groups.

Suitable for year 9 – 13.

A very serious, hard hitting and thought-provoking play.

Covering the issues of;

  • The stories of the vulnerable and disenfranchised people who have been targeted for recruitment by extremist groups,
  • The mental conditioning involved in radicalisation,
  • The role the internet and social media plays in the recruitment of people to terrorist groups – and how to protect yourself from its influence,
  • The horrifying reality of what is expected of those who have joined extremist groups,
  • What has happed to those who have made jihad – killed/committed suicide/in prison,
  • A full explanation of the information we hear on the news to describe the extremist groups, their location and the atrocities they commit,
  • A brief and very assessable history of the situation,
  • A brief and very assessable history of how terrorism has effected the UK throughout the ages,
  • The Islamic religions condemnation of terrorism,
  • Our governments role in stopping extremism.

This story is told through the eyes of an ordinary teenager who is upset, scared and confused by the news coverage she has seen about terrorism and extremism. In her pursuit for information that is easy to understand set in a relatable context she talks to her teachers, those who have ‘made jihad’ …and her nan. The pieces fall into place for her and the audience. The realities are exposed.

Video Preview


“They have learned much more about violent extremism and preconceptions involving the Islamic religion. It has hopefully impacted on their opinions.”

Gill Cobourne, St. Julies’ Catholic High School, Liverpool


Cost: £550

Price includes:

  • An hour long performance comprising of; An introduction to theatre in education, the play, a question and answer session with the characters and a brief evaluation
  • Six sessions of supporting education materials and lesson plans relevant to the specific topic
  • A bound report containing the statistical analysis gathered from our evaluation. This can be presented to OFSTED as evidence of a measurable outcome.

Please note all prices are subject to an additional 40p per mile travel expenses charge (excluding the first and last forty miles).

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