Everyone Else Is Doin' It

Everyone Else Is Doin' It

About the Play…

A play about teenagers and underage sex, sexual heath, sexually transmitted infections, contraception and the surrounding emotions and myths.

Suitable for year 9 – 13

This play tackles the issues of teenage and underage sex. Covering the issues of;

  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • How to protect yourself and your partner
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • That the only way to be sure of not catching a STI or getting pregnant is to not have sex
  • Not being afraid to say no and wait until the right time
  • Dispelling the myth that boys are always the driving force in initiating sex
  • Exploring the emotions surrounding first time sex
  • Where to go for advice about contraception and STI testing
  • What to do it you are pregnant and the options available
  • What to do it you suspect you have a STI
  • Dispelling the myths surrounding sex, pregnancy and STI’s

With a Brechtian approach this play is sketch driven, using the conventions of monologue, duologue, documentary, game show and chat show, this play tackles a very serious issue in a darkly comic way. In seven isolated scenes we meet every one from “Ann Robinson” in “The Weakest Myth” and “Chris Tarrant“ in “Who Wants To Be Infected” to a pregnant fourteen year old and a sixteen year old  boy who wants to wait until he finds some one he loves…or at least likes before he has sex.

Video Preview

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“Very informative about STIs.  I think a lot of questions were answered about things that young people would normally feel too embarrassed to ask about”

– Jenny Tucker Youth Worker, The Place Mobile Project


Cost: £550

 Price includes: 

  • An hour long performance comprising of; An introduction to theatre in education, the play, a question and answer session with the charters and a brief evaluation
  • Six sessions of supporting education materials and lesson plays relevant to the specific topic
  • A bound report containing the statistical analysis gathered from our evaluation. This can be presented to OFSTED as evidence of a measurable outcome.

Please note all prices are subject to an additional 40p per mile travel expenses charge (excluding the first and last forty miles).

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