Bespoke Plays & Projects

Open the Door’s education consultants and writers can produce bespoke plays and projects on any subject to suit your needs.


We have not only created one off plays and projects about specific issues for youth clubs and schools, but also have been commissioned by, and successfully tendered for contracts to engage young people or explore key issues by many youth/education organisations.

Most notably we have; re-developed “More Than Dreams” for the University of Cumbria, created “Striding For Success” and “Pancakes and Presentations” for StepClever, and “Liverpool Rules” for Liverpool Compact EBP.

We are privileged to deliver Liverpool Schools Parliament’s themed Performing Arts Days at Liverpool Town Hall. Their most notable performance being for Holocaust Memorial Day with the Lord Mayor‘s office thanking us for our “…invaluable support to the Holocaust Memorial Programme.”

We successfully tendered for and have been facilitating both of the Prince’s Trust (North West) Performing Arts Projects for the last five years. “Get Started With Musical Theatre was specifically developed by our Education Consultants, to engage NEET young women through performance of song, dance and drama.  Get “Started with Drama” was developed to engage all NEET young people through devising their own issue based performance, incorporating drama rap set design and creative writing. Both courses culminate in a performance at a major theatre, before their parents, peers and representative of local colleges on the last day of the five-day course is a huge boost to their confidence, making job and college interviews seem less daunting.


“This project has given the young people an opportunity an experience the performing arts. More importantly it has increased their self esteem, confidence and motivation”

– Scott Parsons Primary Executive, Prince’s Trust


Cost by quotation.