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In House Productions

About In House Productions...

Want to produce your own theatrical performance but don’t have the facilities, time or staff? 

Don’t worry, we’ll do it for you!

Working with your pupils or members we will mount full-scale musical or theatrical performances ready for either a single night or a long run before audiences of parents, staff and the local community.

Suitable for schools, youth centres and community groups.

Open The Door have facilitated over fifty In House Productions. We have won massive acclaim for all of the performances we have facilitated, most notably for the “West Derby Enrichments” performance of Cinderella, and for the Childwall Collaborative’s performance of Our Day Out.


“This has been an excellent project, the young people have loved working together and the reception from the audience was amazing!”

- Sue Doherty (St Julie’s High School)


Cost of all in House Productions is by quotation, depending on existing facilities and number of arts facilitators required.  For a rough guide to expenditure and income, please see a breakdown below.

(The income and expenditure table listed below is from a school we worked with last year. The school performed Bugsy Malone and had no sound and lighting equipment. They also had no drama department and only one music teacher who acted as musical director during the rehearsals and performance working in collaboration with Open the Door’s facilitators. An in house production for a school with a full complement of lighting and sound equipment would obviously be much cheaper.)        


Costume Hire:
Hire of 38 costumes (£ 25 per costume.) = £950.00

Sound Hire:
Lavalier mics x 5 (£24 per day) = £360.00
Ambient mics x3 (£146.66 for 5 days) = £440.00
PA system (For five days) = £1100.00
Sound engineer (£125 per day) = £625.00

Lighting Hire:
Two bars of 24 lights (In total) = £1500.00
Lightning engineer (£150 per day for 5 days) = £750.00

Scenery Purchase:
12ft by 4ft flats x 4 = £240.00

Scenery Building and painting:
From MG signs and scenery
Wood = £120.00
Paint = £98.52
Materials = £38.42
6 days labour at £85 per day = £510.00

Facilitator Hire:
Director/Project Manager (£70 per hour for 58 hours) = £4060.00
Music/Singing Director (£70 per hour for 48 hours) = £3360.00
Dance Choreographer (£70 per hour for 48 hours) = £3360.00
Acting Coach (£60 per hour for 48 hours) = £2880.00
Stage Manger (£30 per hour for 32 hours) = £960.00

Programmes x 900 = £425.00
Tickets x 1050 = £105.00
Posters and flyers x  150 = £75.00

Administration Fees:
Including telephone, Postage, stationary and photocopying = £ 150.00

Programme and ticket Production:
Payments made to holder of the Copyright   (Some plays require copyright to be paid to the author. Many require no copyright payment.  We will advise on this.)
Royalty charge:15% of box office takings, or £75 per performance depending on which is greater. = £ 225.00
Purchase of Scripts: 34 scripts at £8 per script = £ 272.00
Hire of Rehearsal Score:     £55 for one month. = £ 110.00
Hire of Band Score:  £ 75 for one moth = £ 150.00


Tickets sales at £9 per ticket (cons £5)
425 tickets sold over 3 nights and 1 matinee: = £14925.00
Programme Sales: = £1350.00
Programme Sponsorship: = £3600.00

TOTAL INCOME: £19875.00

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What people say...

"What we can spend all year telling the pupils or having them rad from a book, with little effect, Open the Door can convey perfectly in an hour."

Tracey Blaire, Subject Leader for PHSE/C, Gateacre School.

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